About moi…

Hey there! 

If you’ve made it this far, then you now know my secret…I’m really new at this!  I’m still learning about blogging and putting myself [emotions and all] out there for the world to see!  So please bear with me while I learn all that there is to learn [though your guidance, and wisdom is always appreciated!] on how to blog.

A little about me –

I’m 50 some years young, and starting over in so many ways [whispering along the lines of Brick Heck ‘so many ways’].  

I was happily working in the corporate travel world [very happily; I rocked at work, I did my thing, and did it well, my clients loved me and the work that I did for them; my work mates respected me and would come to me for mentoring], and then one day in March of this year, my world came crashing down.  As I was told, ‘kiddo, you did nothing wrong, you were just in the wrong department at the wrong time’. 

Yep, you guessed right; that gawd awful word – LAYOFF [the current, pc version of the word being ‘displaced’].

So after a decade, I am revamping my resume, posting for positions, vying for interviews, while revisiting my budget every week, and hoping to get back into the work force soon!

Alrighty then…now you know a bit more about me and how I got here.  Stay tuned, there will be more to come!



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